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Toilet paper holder(CS02)


Product Details


Hook materials: PET+ PS+ Synthetic Rubber

Holder material:iron chrome plated (5mm)


Hook size: 11.8x7.8cm

Holder size: 15cmx 9cm


1. Completely beyond the features of traditional shelf, no nail, no drilling.

2. Easy to dismantle and install.

3. The unique design, simple fashion is suitable for modern-style house. And save space.

4. Electroplate of shelf, bright of surface, corrosion resistance, not easy to rust.

5. Water-proof. As it’s made of brand new elastic soft gum, which can completely adhere to the smooth surface after pressing tightly, no worry about water and air to get in.

6. Washable. When it gets dry, it can easily recover its paste characteristics.

7. 100% no residue left, removing easily, and the application of gum is firm, it won’t drop down.

8. Safe, environmental-friendly, non-toxic.

9. The commodity shelf is suitable for placed toilet paper.


1. It can be used in smooth surfaces: ceramic tile, glass, refrigerators, paint walls, paint woods, metal etc.

2. Clean the adhesive surface with a clean soft cloth, keep it dry.

3. Tear the back protective film of it.

4. Cling it on the above surface; extrude it outward along the hook with thumb. Drain the air out of it to ensure it and this surface pasted closely.

5. Pull down the hook with slightly strength, if it is firm, it can install the shelf.


1.The film must be applied with firm pressure, which should avoid the tile gap and make the film fully adhere to the pasted surface.

2. When taking down it from the pasted surface, firstly to tear down the shelf, and then lift the upper left or right corner of the film, and tear the film slowly. If not, it will cause unrecoverable damage of the commodity shelf panel, and affect the usage in the future.

3. Do not make the film creased, if not, it will affect the usage and functions.

4. Do not use it on uneven, rough or porous material surfaces, such as painting wall, paper wall, cob wall, sand wall and patterned tile wall.

5. Please do not hang the ceramic or glass items. To avoid danger causes by incorrect use of default. 


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