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How the coffee valves store the coffee beans?


How the coffee valves store the coffee beans?

Nowadays, many people think that coffee beans have been dried after baking, but in fact, 1%-1.2% of water remains in the coffee beans, and 7.9% of the fat remains, in addition to protein and carbohydrates, and other ingredients. Therefore, the storage of coffee beans is very important.

The best tasting period for coffee is less than a month, but if it is not preserved well, maybe it will get worse in a week, so storing coffee beans is also a great knowledge. Today, the coffee valves let you know how to store coffee beans.

1.Avoid contact with light, air, to prevent the entry of external oxygen and moisture, and cause the fragrance to dissipate and taste quickly.

2.Exhausting the carbon dioxide from coffee beans after roasted, and effectively extend the freshness of the coffee beans in a dry environment.

The coffee valves is the one way exhaust valve, only can exhaust the carbon dioxide from the coffee bags, and the air cannot get in.

So choose a good quality exhaust valve to preserve the best coffee beans.


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