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Eco-friendly odorless washable traceless reusable silicon sticky waterproof photo Frame

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Product Description

Eco-friendly odorless washable traceless reusable silicon sticky waterproof photo Frame

Product Description



Packing Size


Carton Size

PC and Synthetic Rubber

2R+4R+6R+8R for 1setSize: 2R+4R+6R+8R


Each set in a paper bag100sets in a carton



The size:

2R: external dimension:14.2X9.1cm Inside Dimension:9.1X6.5cm
4R: external dimension:19.3X14.2cm Inside Dimension:15.3X10.3cm
6R: external dimension:24.4X19.3cm Inside Dimension:20.4X15.4cm
8R: external dimension:29.5X24.4cm Inside Dimension:25.5X20.5cm


1. Eco-friendly, easy to stick and move, reusable, no residue.
2. Seal and moistureproof, waterproof. If you want to reach the waterproof effect, you had better stick it on the smooth and flat surface.
3. Washable. It can be used again when it gets dry.
4. Beautiful and practical. It can be printed delicate design or company LOGO, it is good for beautify houses and promote enterprise culture.
5. Easy to operate, break through tradition, no nail, no drilling, no screwing, you can install photos quickly without any tools. ( only 10 seconds can be installed).


1. Clean the adhesive surface with a clean soft cloth, keep it dry.
2. Tear the back protective film of photo frame.
3. Cling the photo frame from the bottom up on the smooth surface.
4. When you cling the two-thirds of photo frame, then put the photo in it.
5. Extrude it with thumb, ensure it to paste with this surface closely.
6. Finally, tear the front protective film of the frame.

The photo frame can be used in smooth surfaces: ceramic tile, glass, refrigerators, paint walls, paint woods, metal etc.


1.The frame must be applied with firm pressure, which should avoid the tile gap and make it adhere to the surface fully.
2.When taking down the frame from the surface, lift the upper left or right corner of it, and tear it slowly. When it meets to the one-thirds, then take out the photo.
3.Do not tear it too fast, if not, it will cause unrecoverable damage of it, and affect the usage in the future.
4.Do not make the frame creased, if not, it will affect the usage and functions.
5.Do not use it on uneven, rough or porous material surfaces, such as painting wall, paper wall, cob wall, sand wall and patterned tile wall.

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photo framephoto framephoto framephoto framephoto frame


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